Administrative Services Manager


Job Id: 4948

Divine Care Conglomerate

January 14, 2024



Full Time

Job Title:  Administrative Service Managers

Employer: Divine Care Conglomerate


Job Description


As an administrative Service Manager, you will be responsible for helping business run smoothly. You will be taking care of office paperwork and office supervision. It will be your responsibility to schedule, coordinate and maintain the business environment.  You will be required to maintain proper records of paperwork.


Job Duties

1. To interview, hire and train and/ or arranging training of staff.

2. To plan, organize, direct, administer and control budgets for client projects, contracts, equipment,

and supplies.

4. To plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the operations of a department

providing a single administrative service or several administrative services.

5. To prepare reports and briefs for management committees evaluating administrative


6. To direct and advise staff engaged in providing records management, security,

finance, purchasing, human resources or other administrative services.

7. To direct and control corporate governance and regulatory compliance procedures

within establish.

8. To procure contracts and contacts for Divine Care Conglomerate.

10. providing prompt response to calls, emails and enquiries from clients and staffs.

11. Maintaining employee and workplace privacy.

12. Prompt and accurate scheduling of RN, RPN, PSWs and other shifts.

13. Working with Finance to set budget, monitor spending, process payroll and other

expenses for Divine Care Conglomerate.

14. Handling workplace investigations, conflict resolution, disciplinary and

termination procedures. ·

15. Scheduling shifts as and when necessary.

16. Processing and filing facilities/ agencies invoices. ·

17. Overseeing special projects and tracking progress towards company’s goals.

18. To plan, coordinate, supervise offline and online marketing/correspondence

activities and provide necessary supports to the management team and staffs. ·

19. To promote and maintain the corporate image of Divine Care Conglomerate on social media and other

relevant platforms.

20. To maintain accounts for material and financial resources.

21. Synergise with relevant Care Coordinators to ensure effective and smooth

operations of DCC. ·

22. Any other duties as may be assigned or required for the role.

Pay: This job pays 

  • $47.12 to 47.50 hourly / 37.5 hours per Week

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