Chief operating officer – goods production – manufacturing company


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Commercial Packaging Solutions Inc

March 9, 2023



Full Time


  • Build high-quality business strategies, efficient operations, and plans, ensuring their alignment with short-term and long-term objectives. Communicate with managers in other areas to ensure all personnel understand and follow protocols, regulations and policies.
  • Provide quarterly reports to the Board of Directors emphasizing growth results and updates on operational planning and strategic initiatives. Communicate with the CEO to share plans for the company’s future direction. This includes discussing the competition, manufacturing trends, personnel, public opinions, etc.
  • Lead, communicate and implement the execution of policies and operational strategies, including overseeing human capital management and operational infrastructure.
  • Manage departments by assigning tasks to appropriate staff, hiring new personnel, creating subdivisions, and overseeing target expectations.
  • Oversee corporate policies and procedures relating to funding, logistics, purchasing, government, and financial regulations.
  • Ongoing evaluation of company business results to monitor success against established business plans while keeping abreast of competitive landscape changes, portfolio enhancement and land acquisition opportunities.
  • Actively engaged with the senior management team in the planning and executing portfolio and risk management, new product development, and broker distribution strategies to enhance the status of Commercial Packaging Solutions significantly.
  • Organize and engage large-scale complex teams, leading them and helping to develop a high-performing managerial team


College Diploma

1 year of experience


$58 per hour

Please submit your resume to:


75 Milliken Blvd suite 11Scarborough, ON M1V 2R3

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