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August 5, 2023



Full Time

Gallops Waste Management Inc. (GWMI) is a Toronto, Ontario – based recycled paper and plastics exporter and importer of paper products. It currently serves both the national and international market focusing on the South Asian markets. The wide product range and services of Gallops Canada covers paper and plastics materials and waste recycling together with trading and logistics. GWMI is soliciting applicants that are Canadian residents towards recruiting a passionate Executive Director for Strategy and Operations with the capability of performing tasks locally in Canada and across international markets. In the three short years since inception, the company has secured an impressive annual turnover of approximately $4 Million and on-track to doubling the turnover by 2025. Reporting to the Managing Director and the CEO, this senior level position will be on the board of directors and primarily responsible for setting up the strategy for the company’s growth , including the expansion of recycling business’ range of products and expanding markets while overseeing the existing national and international operations of the company The position will provide strategic direction to the company on the way forward while making operational processes more efiicient and building in quality into those processes through the reduction of waste and rework. The ideal candidate will have a vision for the future and existing networks to shape strategy together with deep insights of the up – and down-stream operations of recycling business/industry with a strong focus on operations and commercials. The success in this role will require an extensive experience with B2B deals, proven track record (of at least 5 years out of which at least 2 years in a senior leadership role) in this industry relating. In addition, the successful candidate for this role will demonstrate strategic planning, excellent analytical thinking, networking, negotiating skills, and regulatory understanding as it relates to Canada and countries in South Asia, together with superior communication and interpersonal attributes. This individual must be self-motivated, independent and able to make compelling business case to win board ratification in order to achieve business objectives. You are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident based in Canada. You will partake in the decision-making process as well as lead the function along the value chain through close coordination with purchasing, finance and logistics. You will share time between the office overseeing operations and alongside, seek strategic opportunities for the company’s growth potential. Besides, you will be expected to travel internationally in pursuit of the strategic plan of gaining new markets and attaining the turnover objective by 2025. Position Duties: This position will be responsible for:

  • Advising the board of strategies to meet the company’s turnover goals over the next 2 years, including new products and markets.
  • Helm the strategy direction towards meeting the company’s objectives
  • Recommend new products for expanding the business portfolio and new marketing channels.
  • Provide oversight of current operations – strengthening internal processes with a view to reducing costs while improving quality
  • Negotiate competitive contracts with supplier and customers
  • Incorporate a high-level outreach strategy that is based on relationships, face-to-face meetings and presentations with current customers and prospects.
  • Identify product- supply gaps, create value added solutions, and develop relationships that build long term contracts with Ontario and international customers across South Asia, with an eye on tapping the potential in wider Asian market.
  • Oversight of business development and operations teams to support international client base of GWMI.
  • Cultivate relationships with prospective new clients in international markets for Canadian recycling products
  • Assist with branding and introducing new products to client markets

Qualifications / Work Experience

  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • Minimum of five years experience in the industry dealing with paper and plastics products, out of which at least two years in-Canada experience in a senior management role. Alternatively, the experience may also be acquired through active ownership experience of a similar waste management/recycling business of at least 5 years.
  • Solid understanding of evolving regulatory environment and jurisdictional demand for recycling products in Canada and South Asian markets.
  • Prior role as a managerial lead for Business Development function.
  • Sound knowledge of South Asian recycling waste management markets and networks, the recycling industry including key regulatory requirements for different range of waste management / recycling products originating in Canada.
  • In previous roles, successfully leading the negotiation of at least one verifiable waste management contract for a Canadian parent company (contract value upwards of $1.5million).
  • Demonstrated ability to lead a multi-functional team and collaborate across business development, marketing, sales, finance and product development functions on the creation of competitive concept proposals.
  • Demonstrable industry experience of:

– working with various Canadian recycling streams and finding international consumption channels in South Asian geographies; – establishing relationship with regulators and government agencies; industry associations in South Asia; – Developing new product lines based on detailed and documented insights of market and client needs; – Prospecting for potential new clients and turning them into avenues of business; and – Developing intelligence on the market, industry, and competitors – Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering/ Business or post-secondary diploma with equivalent experience Skills

  • Superior strategic planning and English communication skills
  • South Asian cultural familiarity and knowledge of Tamil/Sinhalese (although not mandatory) are definite asset;
  • Superior organizational ability and time management skills;
  • Computer Skills – Familiar with both Mac and PC operating systems, Microsoft Applications including PowerPoint, Word and an above average utilization of Excel and CRM software;
  • Strong sales experience in B2B and relationship-based deal making;
  • Relationship-building skills:
  • building and perpetuating profitable business partnerships and relationships which promote long-term success;
  • Proven track record in prospecting, qualifying and closing accounts
  • Ability to provide dynamic presentations and overcome objections;
  • Self-starting with a winning attitude and team spirit;
  • Strong negotiation skills and high emotional intelligence

Application deadline: 2023-09-03 Job Types: Full-time, Permanent Salary: $101,244 per year ( 30 hours/week) How to Apply: Address your Resume, Cover Letter and details of relevant experience:  joejoseph@gallopscanada.com

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