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Job Id: 1508

1231383 B.C LTD

November 14, 2022



Full Time

Farm Worker


Our 1231383 B.C LTD has immediate job openings for motivated farm workers to perform various farm duties. We have total of 6 vacancies for full time permanent workers. We are offering fulltime work (Hours Per Week:  40) and completive wage rate of $20 per hour. We are located in Summerland, BC, V0H 1Z9. Send your resume at if you are interested and start as soon as you can.


Job Duties:


Duties involve year around cleaning maintenance of plants, planting new plants, clean, use farm equipment, irrigate, check water pipes, pruning, harvest crops, examine produce for quality and prepare for market, etc. Under the direction of the supervisor, the seasonal farm worker will perform general orchard maintenance (prune trees through the spring and fall -weather events/frost may change volume of work required), assist with planting of new orchards and assist in the installation of new irrigation systems in the spring (as well as maintain and repair systems as needed). During Harvest, the workers will assist where needed (either picking, swamping, sorting, packing etc.) If picking the worker will ensure that the cherries are picked in the orchard, with minimal damage to the tree and to the fruit, while maintaining safety standards. Also,


  • Operate and maintain farm vehicles, mechanical equipment
  • Look after crops, and plants and inform the progress to supervisor
  • Inspect, grade, sort, store and follow post-harvest procedure of crops to maintain quality.
  • Set and monitor water lines.
  • Clean and repair farm equipment.
  • Identify disease in plants.


Job Requirements

Language:                  None

Education:                 None

Experience:               None

Work Site Environment: Outdoors, Wet/damp, Dusty, Hot, Cold

Work Conditions: Physically demanding, Combination of sitting, Standing for extended period


How to apply:

Please email us at


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