Food Service Labourer


This job has been expired on 03-08-23 !

Job Id: 746

Mexican Delight

February 4, 2023

Port Coquitlam

British Columbia

Full Time


Food processing Labourer




Food processing labourer in a fast-paced environment in the area of Port Coquitlam.



Food safety/handling skills. Ability to measure and handle specialized machinery used to make tortillas. Dexterity, as duties include packing goods, chequing for qualify defects. Ability to work fast, as feeding the machines is needed.

Assist machine operators with various duties, including: preparing Corn and wheat dough for tortilla

Operate oven

Familiarity with the operation and functioning of a mixer and a tortilla oven.

Willingness to maintain a clean machine and work areas. Cleanliness is paramount.


Apply if you are an early riser, responsible, and dependable.


Other requirements:


This job includes repetitive tasks, carrying flour sacks and we prefer people who is looking for long-term employment.




17.00 per hour, for 30 hours per week. Vacations offered as per BC law.


Experience of at least one year is necessary.

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