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Awah Household


November 25, 2022



Full Time


(NOC 44100)

A qualified and experienced full-time live-in caregiver is required immediately to care for the well-being, physical and social development of a young special-needs child. The client is an eleven-year old child living with autism, who attends a local school. The employer is a private household located in Brampton. The home is a comfortable dwelling with all amenities and securities and secure and private space for a live-in caregiver.

The ideal caregiver must be an individual with education in early childcare or a relevant field and experience in working with children. The caregiver must possess a good command of English and French and be able to follow the employer’s directions and instructions. The caregiver must be able to put knowledge of childcare principles and techniques into practice and be patient, understanding, kind and compassionate in providing care.

Supervision of the child and homecare duties will be delivered in the employer’s residential home. The caregiver must be able to accompany the child to after-school activities, prepare meals and supervise personal care routines. The caregiver must be energetic, responsible, committed to provide the best possible care for the child and be dependable and reliable.


  • Postsecondary education and training in childcare, caregiving or other relevant field;
  • Proficiency in speaking, reading and writing English and French;
  • Computer-literate: compile household inventory; prepare weekly reports; play games with the child;
  • Practical experience in working with children or providing one-on-one care services to child with special needs;
  • Experience in cooking and preparing meals and supervising homework;
  • Personal skills: kind and compassionate; demonstrate patience; good time management; outgoing personality.

Duties and Responsibilities

Client Monitoring

  • Monitor the child on an ongoing basis to detect changes in mood, behaviour in various activities, physical well-being, response to various environments.
  • Report to the employer in a timely manner if any changes in the client are detected.

Personal Care and Life Skills Development

  • Plan and prepare nutritious and appropriate meals for the child per dietary requirements;
  • Supervise personal care duties: washing, grooming and daily hygiene eg. brushing teeth and dressing appropriately;
  • Administer medications and vitamins as prescribed to the child on a timely basis.

Household Tasks and Duties

  • Schedule and perform laundry duties related to the child’s clothing, bathroom and bedroom linen etc.
  • Keep the child’s living and dining area sanitary, tidy and safe.
  • Take weekly inventory of stocks and supplies; submit report to employer for replacement and replenishment of items.
  • Perform grocery and household shopping per stock replacement for meal preparation and household requirements

Cognitive Development and Physical Activity

  • Keep the child motivated and engaged by playing games and participating in stimulating activities.
  • Accompany the child to all his rehabilitation programs which are outside of the home such as ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) therapy
  • Accompany the child to any appointments that are scheduled;
  • Reinforce learned concepts from ABA intervention at home;
  • Work on the child’s cognitive development by engaging in story telling; reading etc.
  • Engage with the client in various cognitive building games such as scrabble, tic tac toe, etc.
  • Engage and actively participate with the child in various recommended out-door games.

Living and Working Conditions

  • Accommodation is provided in the home (on site) at no additional cost.
  • Daily meals are provided; laundry facilities and private, furnished bedroom.
  • Full-time hours are between 30-42 hours per week.
  • Rate of pay is $17.00 per hour (gross); payable every two weeks.

To Apply: Please send an e-mail with your resume and cover letter to: Jerome Edua Awah at ebuachou@gmail.com

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