Land Surveyor


This job has been expired on 04-11-22 !

Job Id: 1197

Grad Surveying Ltd.

August 6, 2022



Full Time

Jub Duties:

  • Conducting land surveying for properties using Total Station and GPS
  • Drafting plans using AutoCAD
  • MicroStation
  • Develop survey plans, methods, and procedures for conducting legal surveys
  • Survey and lay out subdivisions for rural and urban development
  • Determine precise locations using electronic distance measuring equipment and global positioning systems (GPS)
  • Analyze, manage, and display data using GIS and AutoCAD
  • Record all measurements and other information obtained during survey activities
  • Plan, direct and supervise or conduct surveys to establish and mark legal boundaries of properties, parcels of lands, provincial and Canada Lands, Aboriginal land claims, well sites, mining claims, utility rights-of-way, roadways and highways

compensation: Fixed Rate: $33 CAD Per Hour + Paid time off (volunteering or personal days) + 14 days Vacation (Remuneration 4% of gross salary)

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