Office Administrator


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Job Id: 3553

HiTech Bay Inc.

September 12, 2023



Full Time

Office Administrator Responsibilities

•             Approve and supervise the implementation of office administrative procedures;

•             Establish work priorities to ensure that work execution and policy implementation are completed within the prescribed time; assist staff in different areas to ensure compliance with policies.

•             Arrange office space to ensure the efficient usage of the office and the accommodation of all employees. Order necessary tools and resources to ensure staff has all is needed for their performance.

•             Interact with visitors to create a caring and welcoming environment.

•             Direct investigations and supervise authoritative activities identified with project planning, contracting and budgeting.

•             Provide the advice in the planning of working financial plan and keep up stock and budgetary controls.

•             Build up and maintain a good relationship with banks and government, responsible for smoothing the process of financial support application.

•             Responsible for preparing the company’s monthly, quarterly, and annual work plans, report and organize implementation.

•             Recruit and train the new staff.

•             Establish and organize company-related files.


High School Diploma

1+ years of experience

Salary: $27.10

Location: 390-10 Tapscott Road, Scarborough, ON M1B 2Y9

Full-time employment

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