Vinyl Floor Installer


This job has been expired on 25-03-24 !

Job Id: 3836

Craft Flooring Ltd.

September 27, 2023



Volunteer Full Time

  • Location: Calgary, AB T3J 3H5
  • Salary: $25.50 hourly / 32 to 44 hours per Week
  • Terms of employment: Permanent employment/Full time
  • 2 vacancies


  • Responsibilities
  • Tasks

  • Inspect, measure and mark surfaces to be covered
  • Measure, cut and fasten underlay and underpadding
  • Prepare flooring plans and scheduling
  • Measure, cut and install carpeting on floors
  • Measure, cut and install resilient floor coverings
  • Prepare and install hardwood floors
  • Inspect and repair damaged floor coverings
  • Estimate costs and materials
  • Prepare floors for installations
  • Remove existing floor coverings and contaminants
  • Install carpeting on walls or other surfaces
  • Perform direct glue-down carpet installations
  • Perform double-bond carpet installations

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