Warehouse foreman/woman


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Job Id: 1764

Commercial Packaging Solutions INc


March 8, 2023



Full Time


Oversee the logistic process. Ensure it meets high standards of safety and efficiency. Evaluate areas of improvement periodically and communicate with the Executive team regarding any immediate issues.

Supervise the activities in the warehouse pertaining to 3 employees who work in shipping/receiving. Make schedules and train them in the logistic process.

Prepare reports on a monthly basis explaining the state of the logistics department. Present information pertaining to employee performance, work-related issues, de-escalating measures and time response.

Evaluate shipments and products, identify errors, and defects and communicate with suppliers to solve inconsistencies.

Test machines and other tools are used in the logistic process in the warehouse. Arrange for fixing if necessary and communicate with the Executive team if new ones are needed.

Ensure safety is a top priority in the warehouse, keep up to date with regulations, laws, and mandatory training, keep the warehouse clean and productive.

Perform duties professionally and respectfully, maintaining the integrity of our employees and keeping with high standards in expectations.


High school Diploma

1 year of experience


$27.10 per hour

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75 Milliken Blvd suite 11Scarborough, ONM1V 2R3

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